Our practice is tailored to meet the needs of growing small businesses, individuals, and families.  

Small business representation

Our law firm offers a suite of services to new and growing businesses, including:

  • Creation of LLCs, corporations, & non-profits
  • Review and negotiation of contracts
  • Drafting of contracts, including sale/purchase agreements
  • Representation in litigation of issues ranging from unsatisfactory work, unpaid contracts, and trademark disputes
  • Obtaining permits and business licenses and resolving other issues with local and state governments


Wrongful termination, workplace discrimnation, sexual harassment

WRONGFUL TERMINATION - While people often talk about Nebraska being an 'at-will' employment state, there are often occasions where employers create enforceable employment protections, whether the employer means to or not.  Maybe the employer distributed employee handbooks that specify a particular way that employees should be disciplined.  Or maybe an employer tells an employee that he is 'up for a promotion' or 'has a bright future with the company'.  These types of acts by employers may create enforceable protections for their employees.  We represent individuals who have been terminated from employment for no good reason.  A person who has been wrongfully terminated might be legally entitled to receive monetary compensation based on his or her loss of income.  

WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION - Employers may not treat people differently because of race, gender, age, health, or sexual orientation.   Despite these protections, many employers treat their employees differently for exactly these reasons.  An employee who has been discriminated against by his or her employer may be entitled to receive compensation for being mistreated.  

SEXUAL HARASSMENT - Workplaces are supposed to be a comfortable environment for employees to come and do their work.  It is far too common for women to be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.  The most common way that a claim for sexual harassment arises is simply from an overall workplace culture that creates a hostile work environment.  A corporate culture where employees are regularly telling dirty jokes, sending inappropriate emails, or having sexual relations with each other can all create a hostile work environment.  Another form of sexual harassment which can become very serious very quickly is what's known as quid pro quo, or 'this for that'.  A claim for quid pro quo sexual harassment usually arises when a supervisor propositions an employee that he will give a promotion, raise or some other favorable treatment in exchange for sex.  Claims for sexual harassment are treated very seriously in Nebraska.  McNamara Law Firm can counsel and advise employees who believe they may have been victims of workplace discrimination or sexual harassment.


Wills, trusts, & Estate planning

We work closely with families and individuals to develop estate plans that are properly suited to their needs.  Estate plans may include Wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and advanced directives.


probate and estate administration

While much of the estate planning at McNamara Law Firm is designed to help distribute your assets in ways other than through probate, those who must take a Will through probate can benefit from our probate and estate administration services.  We can assist executors with all aspects of probate, from filing the Will, determining and contacting next of kin, obtaining and distributing letters testamentary, collecting assets, distributing gifts to beneficiaries, and the timely winding up and closing of the estate.